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Oct 05, 2021 · 2 mins read
Support Development! Become a Patreon Supporter
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Here at streamerific I have dreams of making it a central place for simple to configure tools for all streamers and content creators to use in their broadcasts. Up until now (October 5th, 2021) all of the tools have been pretty low-maintenance. As with all projects I work on I’ve started to have bigger visions on what Streamerific could be… I have dreams to make this a much more rich set of streaming tools that are at their core still extremely easy to configure and use.

This dream doesn’t come without costs. I, at this point, won’t be able to support all of the server costs on my own as my wife would kill me for taking money out of the family budget to provide this service. So… I’ve started a Patreon.

The overall goal is to raise money for:

  • Monthly webserver costs hosted by AWS
  • Monthly database server costs hosted by AWS
  • A small income for me while creating these freely available tools

If you’d like to support the development efforts of Streamerific then please become a Patron.

And I’m sure this goes without saying… Thank you!

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Some of the ideas for the future

  1. BINGO Card Generator - Generator that allows your viewers to play bingo based on your achivements while you stream.
  2. Challenge Tracker - Similar to DrDisrespect’s triple threat challenge. You’d be able to configure a list of tasks that you need to complete on stream and check them off as completed once you finish them. Some options for it are customization of the checkboxes as well as enabling GIF animations when you click on the items to mark them as complete.
  3. Interactive Text Animator - Improvements to the existing text animator that will allow you to actively change settings and see a preview of the results.
  4. Interactive Logo & Image Animator - Improvements to the existing logo and image animator that will allow you to actively change settings and see a preview of the results.
  5. YouTube/Twitch API Integrations - Ultimately I’d like any of the tools to be able to display specific information from your channels. The available options would be on a case-by-case basis per tool but the API connection needs built before any of that can happen.
  6. Downloadable Application - This would be a Streamerific client that runs on your computer like Streamlabs Chatbot and gives you Streamerific functionality without needing to connect to the website at all. Could also unlock OBS integration to control scenes. I’m still working out the details here.

Living the Dream

All of these ideas and more are dependent on realistically… your generousity. While some work can obviously be done on all of these the legitimacy of them coming to life costs $$$. So if these sound like good ideas or you have an idea for a tool of your own. I’d really love your Patreon support.

Thanks all. Be nice to each other out there.

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