Video Randomizer

Mar 23, 2020 · 2 mins read
Video Randomizer
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Have you ever felt the need to randomize a collection of videos when you activate a source or switch to a scene in OBS (or Streamlabs OBS)?

v2.1 Released October 17, 2020

I’ve moved the download for this into a Github repository so that I can track changes in a more effective manner. Also will give other developers the chance to send in updates and fixes if they so choose.

I still have a list of planned enhancements that I would like to make to this so stay tuned and follow on Twitter for the latest updated information. Thanks for using this tool!

v2.0 Released April 12, 2020!

I’ve created this video randomizer that you can use as an OBS or Streamlabs OBS browser source. This browser source will play a random video from a collection of videos on your computer. It’s relatively simple to setup by following the tutorial video (below) and then either hiding and showing the browser source or by switching to the scene that contains the browser source!

I use it for a randomized “that’s what she said” scene from The Office and even link it to a multi-action button on my stream deck!

Unfortunately, this one has to be installed on your system to work so that is has direct access to your video files on your computer. In order to keep it as simple as possible and not require you to install any web server software on your machine you’ll need to edit a few lines in one of the files that you download.

Enjoy and let me know if you use it! Additionally, throw me a follow on Twitter if you’d like to see more tools as well as request any enhancements to existing ones!

Download .ZIP

Additional Tips & FAQ

What’s the flashing between videos?

This is actually normal. It’s due to the video element in the HTML switching to the new source. If you’d like to eliminate this you can use an OBS scene to put your browser source in with a background layer (black or any color) beneath the browser source to show that rather than anything behind it.

None of my videos are playing?!?

I’m going to guess that the video list is formatted incorrectly. Simply send me what you’re pasting into the play.html in a DM on Twitter and I can repair it for you!

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