Welcome to Streamerrific

Mar 20, 2020 · 1 min read
Welcome to Streamerrific
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Hello and Welcome! I’m Chris TheRealDarthGuy and I am the founder of Streamerific! So what exactly is “Streamerific”? I’m glad you asked! Well, arrived and clicked.

The vision for Streamerific is for it to be a collection of tools for all streamers to use in their streaming software of choice as a browser source. These tools are (will be) designed to give simplified control over some typically more difficult tasks.

For example we are launching with a configurable stream countdown timer that you can use to let your viewers know how long to expect to wait for… well anything really. The more obvious use of it would be as a countdown for your starting soon screen.

I have many ideas for new tools to be released in the future and hope that I can provide value for any streamer looking for simple tools that will help them elevate their streams with more interesting features.

I’m always open for suggestions on what to make next so if you want to send me suggestions please follow me and Streamerific on Twitter and start suggesting!

Thanks and enjoy my creations!

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I enjoy helping others with tech problems and am enthusiastically trying to be one of the "nice guys" of the inter-webs!

I host streams featuring just chatting and gameplay plus produce videos that give ideas on how to improve your content and interaction with your audience. I have a few nifty tools that I've made free for all who need them and post those at

Who am I offline? I'm a father, husband, paintballer, disc golfer, and software engineer! I love sunny weather (who doesn't), movies, and cycling. My friends are family and I love helping others in any way I can!